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At Tyre Land Ltd, we update our enviable collection of tyres London with different variants from leading manufacturing brands. Please note that when buying new tyre models for your car, you should only opt for products with the latest EU labels. As a reputed and reliable facility, we ensure all products we stock come with this label.

Furthermore, by providing the car registration details or tyre size, you can easily buy these products online using our Tyre Finder Tool.

What are the revised tyre labelling rules?

The new and revised tyre labelling rules have been in effect on and from the 1st of May, 2021. Some of these notable revisions include:

Noise emission efficiency rating

According to the new regulations, the noise efficiency of a tyre product is now rated via an ABC scale, wherein:

  • A means excellent efficiency
  • B represents high external noise production
  • C-rated products are outlawed

Fuel efficiency rating

We now rate the fuel efficiency of a car tyre on a scale of A to E. A rated tyres have lower rolling resistance. Therefore, these products can effectively reduce fuel consumption levels.

On the other hand, tyres with higher rolling resistance will result in more fuel consumption. So they are rated E.

Wet grip performance rating

On an A to E scale, tyres with the most efficient braking performance get an A, and those with the least efficiency get an E rating.

Some other crucial changes include:

  • 3PMSF symbol on the labels of tyres designed for snow performance
  • Stalagmite symbol on Nordic winter tyres’ labels
  • A QR code on the models that you can scan to learn details about this tyre from the EU database EPREL

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