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When replacing your car tyres, it is crucial to have a comprehensive idea of the right size of these products that are ideal for your car. This size is an alphanumeric code embedded on the sidewall of the tyre model.

At Tyre Land Ltd, we are committed to ensuring you purchase the right-sized car tyres London. So, below, we offer you an in-depth look at each component of this code.

Here is considering a sample tyre size for this discussion.

Sample tyre size: 195/65 R15 91T

195: This number states the sidewall width of the car tyres. Note that this width is measured in millimetres and remains the same for both the sidewalls of a model.

65: This number states the ratio of a tyre’s sidewall to its width. The tyre’s height is 65% of the product’s width for this sample.

R: This letter states the construction type of a specific tyre product. So, the alphabet ‘R’ denotes that the construction type of this model is radial – which is the most common pattern. Some other types available include diagonal and bias-ply.

15: This is symbolic of the rim diameter of a tyre, measured in inches.

91: This number is indicative of the maximum amount of load the tyre can withstand. In other words, this sample product can handle 1356 lbs at maximum.

T: This letter showcases the highest speed at which you can drive a car (with this tyre) under legal parameters. So, a tyre with a speed index of ‘T’ can sustain a maximum speed of 118 MPH.

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