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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

The winter season in the United Kingdom comes with biting cold temperatures, extreme snowfall and dense fog. Due to these, drivers face difficulties while driving during the winter months.

You can opt for winter checks London and make your vehicle ready to face the challenges of this season. We, Tyre Land Ltd, are a team of automobile enthusiasts guaranteeing prompt and reliable services whenever you come to us.

During our winter check London, we will use the most advanced diagnostic tools and machinery to check the essential parts of your car. Using these tools, we offer the most accurate results within a minimum turnaround time.

What does our winter check service entail?

While conducting this service, we carry out a detailed inspection of the following components of your vehicle:


We will check if your car has the right set of winter tyres or not. If not, we will suggest a tyre replacement and offer you to choose a product from our tyre inventory. In the case of the correct winter variant, we will check whether the tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread depth and whether the centre part is free from damage.

Battery system

Due to cold temperatures, the car battery system starts to malfunction. Hence, to ensure an uninterrupted driving experience, we will check all battery system components and offer affordable replacement solutions using OE-grade spares. In addition, we will check if the battery system has adequate fluid. If not, we will refill it with the best seasonal battery fluid.

Engine oil

Over-used or burnt engine oil can affect your car’s overall performance significantly. We will check whether the engine oil is in proper condition to continue the use. If the engine oil has become old, we will refill the fluid with superior-quality oil per your vehicle’s requirements.

That said, we offer the following winter checks London:

  • Windscreen And Wiper Check
  • Bulb Inspection
  • Inspection Of The Electrical Components
  • Coolant Check, and many more

We are the answer for your ‘winter checks near me’ searches!

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